Fidgets For All

Fidgets for All is a new initiative by MMC to support classrooms and normalizing fidgets. These boxes offer a set of 30 fidgets (different types are available). All the fidgets are sanitizable and quiet. The idea is for an educator to provide fidgets in their classrooms for all children. In a box at the front of the room, any child can pick one at any time. The goal is to normalize these tools in an educational setting. When children are used to seeing it other accommodations won’t be distracting or a nuisance for other students. 

Why Fidgets for All?

  • Increase in Academics. In a recent case study, the positive effects of fidget toys were observed. The result was a 10% increase in certain academic scores among students who used fidget toys. Even more impressive was that students diagnosed with ADHD saw an increase of 27% in their academic scores. The study concludes that the use of fidget toys can benefit the learning process in all students but especially in those with learning disabilities. (Flushing Hospital Medical Center 20012-2021)
  • Non-Distracting. Fidget tools are often seen as distractions in the classroom, that is actually a myth. Allowing students to use fidgets in the classroom can actually diminish the amount of distractions that occur. Think about a typical day in a classroom (if you aren’t a teacher, think about when you were a student) Throughout the day there will be a student who is constantly getting up to sharpen a pencil, go to their bag, make a trip to the washroom etc (often it can be the same student). This student requires a break from their work and they may not even know it. Their body is providing them with the break by doing “natural” tasks. If you give them a fidget it could eliminate all the up and down movements which end up distracting the rest of the class. Getting up and down isn’t the only distraction, you could have the toe/ pencil tapper, the throat clearer, the wanderer, the chair rocker etc etc these are all different forms of fidgeting. Providing fidget tools eliminates a large percentage of excess movement and noise while providing the students with the break/ release that they are seeking. 
  • Normalizing Neurodiversity. By having fidget tools accessible for all you are providing your students with a tool they may not have known they needed. Not everyone is aware of their need to fidget and by making it the “norm” you are providing someone with a life changing opportunity. Who knows, the next great scientist, doctor, inventor etc could be sitting in your classroom but without being provided the tools they need to focus they may never be able to reach that potential. By making fidgets socially acceptable you are opening the doors to endless possibilities. 
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We're giving back to our communities

We will be donating boxes to nominated classrooms across Canada. We want to make sure that all students in Canada have fidgets to help with learning!

Neurodiversity in ALL classrooms. It is our hope that all students can benefit from the program, regardless of income. Help us, help our community!

Even the best students can benefit from our products.

Do your students lose focus easily? Move around a lot? A fidget may be the best tool to help them excel. 

Even if your students are doing well, they may still need help. Don’t assume that your A+ students won't benefit from fidgets. Pencil biters, hair pickers, procrastinators all could be a sign of needing a focus sensory tool. Anxiety effects many young people, especially in social and academic environments.

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