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Meet Melissa

Hello! I am Melissa. I am an “older” millennial, a mother to a 6 year old spicy human, a wife to my amazing supportive husband and the owner of MMC!

Prior to having Lilly I worked in child care as a centre supervisor. I have a diploma in Early Childhood Education, a degree from Ryerson in Early Childhood Education and a Masters in Science of Education. I have worked with children of all ages, especially school age children for over 15 years. My favourites were always the ones that challenged me a little more than the others.

In September of 2015 my entire life changed and was flipped upside down. Since then I have been rebuilding my life and learning who this new person is. I have refound my love of nature, plants and writing. I have an interest in herbs and healing properties, I carry rocks in my pockets and love tea (hot, iced, fermented).

I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Clinical Depression in 2018. I am also currently going through an assessment for ADHD. I am open about my journey and you can read more on our blog. There is no shame in mental health.

Our Story

MMC provides the highest level of quality when creating our products. The materials we use are tested by a third party for lead, mercury and other harmful chemicals. Our final products are also tested with a small parts test, and Reasonably Foreseeable Use (this is a drop test as well as a push and pull test).

MMC creates stylish products so that everyone looks good while addressing their sensory needs. 

Our sensory products are created for people between 3 and 100. We have a variety of pendants, beaded necklaces, fidget rings and zipper pulls that allow an individual to be able to chew or fidget on a product that is safe.

Our goal is to create Neurodiverse spaces readily available to everyone.

MMC beads in bowls
photo of child model with product

Our Mission

MMC seeks to create and promote neurodiverse products that safely stimulate and educate.

We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity that we use to craft our products.

With this our goal is to promote acceptance and understanding within our community by creating neurodiverse spaces.

We’re not just a business, we’re a community.

Meet Our Team

photo of Jesse with Lilly

Jesse Bye

Head of Shipping and Receiving

Jesse has been along for the ride since 2003 when he and Mel started dating. He has always been supportive of her crazy ideas (moving every 19 months, starting businesses, the future). Not only is he a supportive spouse and business partner but an amazing father as well.

Jesse attended Mohawk for Marketing and also has his security license.

Jesse has been running music shows for as long as anyone can remember and is part of the Burly Calling Music Festival team. He has a passion for local music, comic books and hiking. He also works at a club in downtown Hamilton.

Jesse is a Virgo who is a kind, hard-working, reliable human who may overthink things sometimes. He has a great sense of humour and is open minded to trying pretty much anything!

Photo of Sara

Sara Van Schyndel

Community Manager

Hello everyone! My name is Sara, I am a mom of 3 ( 2 boys, 9 and 7 and a 6 year old girl.) I live in the Niagara region with my husband, kids and our two dogs (one is a service dog) and a cat. When I am not working I love spending time with my kids outdoors (camping and cottaging), reading, hiking, biking and spinning! I have a huge passion for planning, it helps me be creative and keep our chaotic life in order, I also love baking - especially cake decorating.

I have been with the MMC team since 2017. I started doing some light bookkeeping which has evolved into my current role as the Operations Assistant. Before I fell into my current roles I started out my career as an E.C.E. (which is where I actually first met Melissa), which then turned into a role as an Educational Assistant for a school board for 10 years, during this time I also owned and operated my own cloth diapering/baby boutique. I also completed my Child and Youth Worker diploma during those years at the school board through an apprenticeship program. After having my children I gave up my full time position at the school board to be able to spend time with my children and support my oldest son who turned out to be neurodivergent. Once my own children were settled in school full time I took on more responsibilities at MMC, and was able to find more time for me! Currently, alongside my role at MMC I work as a Speech Assistant for Niagara Speech Therapy.

I feel like the combination of all of my experiences (life and work) have prepared me for my role as Operations Assistant. I look forward to being more involved and “testing” all of the MMC products!

photo of Ash Cruikshank

Ash Cruikshank

E-commerce and Design Manager

Ash is a mother to one little monster who sees an SLP and understands how important communication is. She has a Bachelors of Design from OCADU and has taken and completed courses in User Experience Design, Web Design and Art and has an extensive background in retail. She loves to design accessible products for all users, and hopes to provide inclusive content. She's hoping her time at MMC will help to reach users and provide a safe space.

When not designing, this Aries s enjoys cooking, drawing and hanging out with her son and three cats. She is also a huge fan of Drag Race and Sailor Moon.

photo of Lilly


Product Tester and Monster Extraordinaire 

Lilly is our product tester! She has been part of MMC since the beginning. If it wasn’t for her we probably wouldn’t be here!

She is spicy, enthusiastic and a true empath. She has a love for dogs and things that sparkle. She has a creative style that includes, sparkles, tutus and comfy shoes.

She loves the camera and when people say Hi in public!