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Fidgets for All is a new initiative by MMC to support classrooms and normalizing fidgets. These boxes offer a set of 30 fidgets (different types are available). All the fidgets are sanitizable and quiet. The idea is for an educator to provide fidgets in their classrooms for all children. In a box at the front of the room, any child can pick one at any time.

The goal is to normalize these tools in an educational setting. When children are used to seeing it other accommodations won’t be distracting or a nuisance for other students. 

We will be donating boxes to nominated classrooms across Canada and the US. We want to make sure that all students access have fidgets to help with learning!

**Please note that these will ship in 3-4 weeks**

Fidgets for All - Standard $100 ($130 value), 1 standard box donated for every 3 purchased
30 items
10 x marble nets
10 x peas
10 x stress ball

Fidgets for All - Variety *Most Popular* $150 ($175 value), 1 standard box donated for every 2 purchased
30 items
5 x marble nets
5 x peas 
5 x keychain poppers 
5 x squish ball
5 x tangle 
5 x wacky tracks

Fidgets for All - Premium $200 ($310 value), 1 standard box donated per purchase
30 items
10 x tangle 
10 x infinity cubes 
10 x keychain popper 

Please inspect the items before use to look for general wear and tear. Dispose when there are signs of wear and tear.

Items can be washed by hand with mild soap and water and left to air dry.

Do not leave child unattended while using our products.

Silicone Products 
- 100% non toxic, food grade silicone beads
- BPA Free
- Lead Free
- Cadmium Free
- Phthalates Free
- PVC Free
- Mercury Free

All non silicone products are not recommended for chewing. Product information will be listed in the description.