Naomi's Pick for June Item of the Month

Posted by Brine Hamilton on

Every month a member of our family will pick out an item to share with you, this month Naomi’s item of the month for June is MMCs Feelings Octopi! The feelings octopi is a communication tool in disguise. Its unique designs allows any user to be able to express themself. Whether the user is learning to talk, has difficulty expressing their emotions, non verbal or just doesn’t feel like talking… the feelings octopi allows the user to express themselves by choosing which colour and emotion of the ocotpi to share. One side can be for example blue with a smiley face and the other purple with a sad face. This feature is a wonderful conversation starter, it can be used in ice breaker activities, daily routines in the classroom, at home or in any other setting where knowing how someone is feeling can be beneficial. The feelings octopi comes in a variety of colours, you are bound to find one that fits your moods, favourite colours and decor!

Not only is the octopi a great communication tool, it is also cute and cuddly. This feature allows the octopi to double as a comfort object for those days when you are feeling a little like an upside down smiley face. The octopi is small and compact making it easy to transport from home to school, on vacation, to display somewhere in a classroom or therapy office. Tonya uses the feeling octopi with her daycare kids during circle time as well.

Check out our feeling octopi here, there are 7 styles to choose from.