Chewing to Relieve Anxiety - Silicone Chewing Bracelet

silicone bead chewing bracelet

Many people with neurodevelopmental disorders - children and adults - find comfort in putting things in their mouths to suck or chew. Silicone chewing bracelets and other so-called chewies are specialized items available for kids who have a frequent need to chew. 

Adults can benefit from chewies and silicone chewelery as well, however, the items need to be constructed from a material that can withstand their more powerful jaws. Silicone chewies are great for younger kids and some older kids and have the benefit of being washable and easily sanitized.

What is Sensory Jewellery and Who Uses It?

Sensory jewellery has been used by people with autism for many years. In many cases, sensory jewellery is designed to be stylish and discreet, so the child or adult using it does not feel self-conscious or feel that attention is drawn to this important coping tool. Sensory jewellery, also called chewelery, is generally made from silicone or other tough and rubbery substances that are safe to put in your mouth. Check out our collections of sensory jewellery including bracelets, and chewie necklaces.

Fidget Toys Help Focus and Attention

Everyone feels a little fidgety now and then. It's the body's way of releasing excessive energy. However, some children and adults fidget much more than others and have difficulty focusing or maintaining attention for more than short periods of time. Fidget toys have been used for decades to help kids relieve some of the tension or energy that may be making them fidget. In the last few years, fidget toys such as fidget spinners went through a phase of being the 'in' toy. 

However, for kids (and adults) with ADD, ADHD, autism and other sensory disorders, fidget toys are more of a tool and coping mechanism than a fun toy. Expert opinions differ somewhat on whether fidget toys can actually help people focus and learn more efficiently. However, there is plenty of evidence to show that it does work for some people. See our collection of fidget toys, pencil toppers and other silicone-based sensory products on our website.

Silicone Teething Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Of course, we expect to see babies and toddlers putting non-food objects in their mouths. It's a part of their sensory development as they explore the world around them. When new teeth are erupting, chewing on a soft but durable silicone teething toy can be a comfort to babies. The added pressure helps to reduce the pain that comes along with new teeth. 

Find Safe Pacifier Clips and Teething Clips Here

If you're like every other parent out there, you are tired of rushing to pick up your child's teething toy or pacifier from the floor. What you need to maintain your sanity is a teething clip or pacifier clip. Teething clips consist of chewable beads or other shapes attached to a sturdy plastic clip that attaches to your child's clothing. 

A pacifier clip uses the same plastic clip but has a loop or another enclosure on the end to attach a pacifier or teething toy. Because they are attached, toys stay clean and off the ground. Babies can also practice grabbing and developing the motor skills needed to bring the silicone teething toy or pacifier to their own mouth.

Munching Monster Chewlery - Made in Canada

We are proudly Canadian, and we make all of our products in our workshop in Hamilton, Ontario. Check out or collections of chewable jewellery, silicone chewies, sensory necklaces, and fidget toys. Join the Chew of the Month club and get a new chewie delivered to your door each month without lifting a finger.