Product of the Month - November 2021 - Video Game Controller Fidget

Posted by Sara Van Schyndel on

Video Game Controller Fidget Ad

November’s featured product of the Month is MMC’s Video Game Controller Fidgets.  All month long  (while supplies last) you can get your own Video Game Controller for 10% off (code applied automatically at checkout).  This discreet handheld fidget is perfect for the gamer in your life. It is a great collaboration between a fidget tool and the gaming world. The video game controller fidget is lightweight and compact, it tucks away nicely in a desk, purse, pocket etc and is at the ready whenever you need it. It is a quiet fidget, making it perfect for classrooms or meetings as it will not pose a distraction to others.
This tool has many options to help relieve stress and keep your hands busy! There are many different features in this pocket sized fidget tool :

  • There are 4 small buttons on the top of the controller - (2 make clicky sounds, 2 are silent when pressed).
  • Opposite the buttons there is a Toggle (that mimics the movement of a gaming controller toggle).
  • Below the above buttons there is a feature that moves like a switch back and forth.
  • As well as a round feature with a knob that spins in either direction.
  • There are also two textured rollers in the middle on either side of the controller. 
  • Textured bumps on the edge of the controller as well as a small square that you can slide back and forth  for extra tactile input. 
This fidget is small and discrete, you can take it anywhere to help with your sensory needs. This controller comes with a wrist strap to make it easier to keep track of and is available in a variety of colours. 
**Intended use for children 5 and older. This is a fidget tool and not meant to be chewed.**