Our Monster's Favourite Hamilton Parks

Posted by Melissa Robertson-Bye on

We go to a lot of parks! It seems that every week we are at one of our favourites and trying out new parks as well. Our Monster loves to climb, swing, hang and run so a park is a perfect place to do all of that at the same time!

Here is a list of her 5 favourite parks and why!

1. Confederation Park - This play structure is fairly new and has a shipwreck theme to it. There is lots to do and see that doesn't cost money. The play structure allows for children to challenge themselves with climbing. There is a fair amount of shade in the park area as well. Jesse and Lilly found a secret beach area where they can play in the sand and water to cool off. There is also a little hut that sells ice cream, food treats and liquor for Mom or Dad!

2. Victoria Park - We have been to this park a couple of times. Lilly loves the spider web, the climber and there is even a splash pad as well. As an adult there is a circuit for working out with several different "machines" to help get you in shape. There is also a swimming pool during the summer months. What is neat about this park is there are tennis and multi-purpose courts as well as a baseball diamond. Since Hamilton is full of history this park is where Crystal Palace used to stand!

3. William Connell Park - Located on the mountain on West 5th. This park is a new park and more of a natural park. The city put this land aside to create a multi-use rec area. On top of the beautiful playground there is a splash pad, tennis courts, football and soccer fields. There is also walking trails and a chance to see some ducks and geese in a pond. We love the challenges that this park gives Lilly.

4. Gage Park - Located at Gage and Main this is a huge park and area. There is a main park off Gage with a splash pad and wadding pool. There is also lots of trails, grass area to run, and the Greenhouse. This is our local park and there are festivals almost every weekend. Which makes going to the park fun! The playground was rebuilt last year and features a large platform swing, a teeter toter for many and some musical features. You can find us at this park at least once a week.

5. Lifesaver Park - Lilly went to this park first with her preschool and has asked to visit it weekly since. There isn't anything special about this park but Lilly loves to climb in the train that is here. The community will also host movie nights on their outdoor screen.

Do you visit parks with your littles? What is their favourite? Leave us a comment below with the city the park is in so we can visit!