Listening to Lilly

Posted by Melissa Robertson-Bye on

I love this photo but getting here was full of stress!

We hadn't done a photoshoot with us for Munching Monster Chewlery in a long while and I just wanted it to go perfect.

I remember being so high stressed on this photoshoot day. The plan was photoshoot, lunch and back to school shopping⁠. 

I laid out the dress I wanted her to wear. It was white with black bows. It was matching with my black dress and Jesse's black shirt and blue jeans. It was part of my vision for the shoot. I had the shoes picked out, they were cute black ballet flats. I just needed her to wear them until the shoot was over. I was also ready to brush her hair, ideally I would have liked to have had it in a pony tail.

As a parent you know that things don't always go the way you planned when have children.⁠

Lilly refused to wear the dress. She yelled, she screamed and she argued with me. I was getting so frustrated. I was convinced that she was doing this on purpose. I let her wear the dress, I put the white dress in my bag convinced that i would get her to change when we got there. The shoes! I think these shoes are adorable but not with the dress!!! But she loves these shoes. Thank you Active Parents!. And a brush was out of the question.

We drove to the photoshoot and when we got there she refused to put on the dress. I begged. I pleated. It was not one of my finest moments. And she stood her ground. She told me that she was pretty in this dress. She told me that she loved this dress. She told me that this was what she was wearing.

But I wasn't listening to her. Like I said not my finest moment. We have always taught her to stand up for herself. 

She picked this outfit. And I love it!⁠

I love how she stood her ground on her outfit. She wanted to feel comfortable. To be herself. I hope this quality of hers stays forever!⁠

What I learned from this is I need to listen to her more when it comes to her choices! ⁠