January 2022 Product of the Month

Posted by Sara Van Schyndel on

January’s  featured product of the Month is MMC’s Brick Chews.  All month long  (while supplies last) you can get your own Brick Chews for 10% off (code applied automatically at checkout).  The Brick Chews are available in 3 styles: pencil toppers, zipper pulls and as a pendant. No matter which format you choose the Brick Chews were designed for moderate chewers, specifically those who use their back molars for chewing.  All of our Brick Chews are made from 100% food grade silicone, making them safe as an oral sensory tool.  These Brick Chews are available in an array of colours: Red, Yellow, Lime, Turquoise, Blue and Lilac. 

Here’s a little more information on each of the different styles:

Pencil Topper:

Pencil toppers are a great tool, especially for those in school or those who work at a desk who have a habit of chewing on their pencils. The toppers fit easily on the end of your writing utensil to allow you to chew whenever you feel  the need, without destroying your writing tools. 

Zipper Pulls:

Zipper pulls serve two purposes, you can use them as a chew, or as a tool for those with fine motor difficulties. Attach a Brick Chew to your jacket, backpack or anything else with a zipper  to help open and close the zippers with ease. Alternatively you can use your zipper pull as a chew when feeling stressed or experience the need to chew! It’s easily within arms reach!

Pendant :

Brick Topper pendants were our number one sellers in 2021 for a reason! Not only are they stylish with their famous children's building supply look, they are discrete yet effective. Wearing the pendant makes it easy to reach for when the urge to chew arises. It is easy to clean and looks great with any outfit. Its stylish look, makes it more mainstream and it does not stand out as a chew; making the user feel less self conscious about using it in public places. 

Now that you know a little more about our Brick Chews, here comes the hard part… choosing just one! Act now and get yours from mymmc.ca while the sale and supplies last!