February Product of the Month

Posted by Sara Van Schyndel on

Product of the Month for February is Pop Tubes!

Our pop tubes are the ultimate sensory fidget. You can pop, snap, stretch, connect and keep fingers busy.

The tube was designed as a tool to aid those with sensory processing disorders/ difficulties and those experiencing fine motor struggles. When the expandable tube is stretched or compressed the tube generates a popping sound. The pop tube can also be used as a physical therapy tube to help improve bilateral coordination. 


For more fun, connect the stretchy tubes together to create an array of shapes.  The Pop tubes can really bring out creativity- try twisting, connecting or bending the pop tubes into shapes and letters. 


Teachers: As a language activity, have students use one as a phone. Have the student read into the tube as it is held into their ear. Students can better hear what they are saying in loud classrooms. 


Pop Tubes come in a set of 5 (Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Pink), they are 6 inches in length and can extend to 18 inches.

How do you use your pop tubes?

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