Beat the Heat this Summer!

Posted by Melissa Robertson-Bye on

We are not one of the lucky ones that has central air. Our apartment is hot 365 days a year! We have a window AC unit in our bedroom which we only turn on at night to conserve energy and money as we all know hydro in Southern Ontario is expensive. We came up with a few tips on how we stay cool in the summer while it is hot hot hot!

1 - We visit splash pads! These are free and usually attached to a park. Lilly loves to play in the splash pad in her clothing and then pop over and play in the park. She is usually dry by the time we are heading home.

2 - Rosedale Pool! This pool in Hamilton is free! All summer long. And it is outside. The hours are a little wonky for children that still nap but they are open from 1-4 and 5-7 everyday. If you head over you will probably see us this summer.

3 - Beach! Who doesn't love a visit to the beach. The water is usually a perfect temperature. The wind provides a break from the stale summer air. And sand castles are the best!

4 - Hose Play! Our landlord has kept a hose at the back of our building. Lilly can spend hours filling buckets and spraying herself keeping herself cool.

5 - Cool Shower or bath. Or as we call it in our house a Showerbath. This is the perfect way to stay cool this summer when you don't want to go outside and be hit with a wall of hotness.

6 - A cool treat! We keep popsicles or freezies stocked in our freezer. But we also love a trip for ice cream once in a while.

7 - Shade Play! If you need to venture out for some air try staying in the shade. Even reading stories under a tree can help you keep cool!

8 - Cold Fluids! We keep the fridge stocked with a jug of cold water. I always have a glass of water beside me. And Lilly and I carry our water bottles everywhere we go. 

9 - Peppermint Oil! We recommend this for children 6 years and older, or adults. Take a drop of peppermint oil and rub it down the back of your neck. I do this when I have outdoor shows and it has been a huge help.

10 - Visit an air conditioned venue. EarlyOn Centres, indoor play places, recreation centres, malls and grocery stores. Sometimes you just need to help your body temperature to cool off.

Do you have any tips that work for you and your family? Leave us a comment below!