Be Gentle on Yourself

Posted by Melissa Robertson-Bye on

I wrote a post on social media and I feel like I need to bring it to life a little more. This post came during a week that I was off. I wasn’t able to focus. I was doubting myself as a parent and business owner. I was constantly daydreaming, easily distracted and I couldn’t figure out why until….. 

I went to write a post about being easy on yourself during this time and season and when I went to use a photo I was drawn to a photo of my Mom from when she was in the hospital after her stroke. The photo is below. We made a countdown for when she could break out of the hospital. 

This is my Mom. I don't post her photo very often because it's hard to. It's hard to think about these days. It's hard to know the outcome that happened after this stay at the hospital.

Christmas was my Mom's favourite. The traditions, parades, midnight madness, baking, ice skating, hot chocolate, gingerbread men, Spruce House (if you are from Burlington you know), and magic. This will be my sixth Christmas without and this Christmas we can't do our regular traditions that we've had since then. This had taken a toll on me during the holiday season. I didn’t get to see my sister in person on Christmas Morning. We facetimed and chatted but it wasn’t the same. It wasn’t the same reaction to gifts from Lilly, watching Lilly and Shannon play with the new toys. It was really hard. 

It makes me wonder what my mom would have done during this time. How she would have handled this time of the year. Especially with how excited our little monster was about Christmas.

Basically I gave myself a pass this Christmas. I was gentle with myself. I didn’t want to make it even harder when I already have a hard time at this time of the year. Don't make it harder. Buy the premade cookie dough, eat cereal for dinner, gift bags are okay, and remember self-care for YOU!

I stuck to these words. I bought the pre baked gingerbread cookies to decorate, we had simple dinners. I let Lilly wrap all her own gifts for her family. I made a new breakfast for Christmas morning and we have been going with the flow.

How did you handle this already-tough season in 2020? Did you start new traditions?