6 Ways to Get Your Toddler to Eat What You Serve Them!

Posted by Melissa Robertson-Bye on

Getting a toddler to eat can be a full-time job! And getting them to try new foods can be just as hard as getting them to eat. Here are 6 tips to try to get your toddler to eat what you serve them!

1. Serve the right amount (1tbsp)

Have you ever been given a large plate of food knowing that you wouldn’t be able to finish it all? What happened when you didn’t finish the plate of food? Our first tips to make sure that you are serving the correct amount of food for a toddler. Each food on their plate should be no larger than a tablespoon. Let your toddler decide what to eat and what not to eat. Allow them to make the decision themselves. It’s one of the few things in their life they have control over.


2. Be patient

Give your child the ability to take their time to eat. Follow their cues. Sometimes meals can last 10 minutes and other days it can be close to an hour. For your toddler to leave the table, negotiation and bribing is not suggested. There should not be any stipulations on food and your toddler.

Child in blue shirt sitting in a high chair looking at a yellow plate with food on it

3. Combine new and old foods

When introducing something new at the table, combine it with something that your child already knows. A food needs to be introduced several times before a child might try it. For example, if you are introducing tofu, make sure you pair it with items that your child enjoys. 


4. Lead by example

Sitting down together and eating the same food as your toddler will help encourage them to eat it. If you are avoiding ketchup with your child make sure that your plate does not have ketchup either. 


5. Give choices

When the meal allows it, give choices to your child. For example, our daughter is allowed to pick her breakfast. We give her 2 options; toast or cereal; yogurt or oatmeal. This allows her the opportunity to have control over what she wants. For a bedtime snack she has the option of fruit or vegetable. Once in a while, we allow her to pick dinner. If you are debating between 2 different items give your toddler the chance to pick.

Child with a purple shirt sitting at the table with a plastic knife helping to prepare food

6. Let your child help

Give your toddler the chance to help in the kitchen. Have them peel carrots, measure items, or stir the pot/pan with you. The more involvement they have, the more likely they will eat.

These tips are not an overnight fix and will take some time to work. The goal is to be consistent and follow through. To start pick one tip and try it out for a week, slowly add in tips as your child gets the hang of it!

Did you try our tips? Leave us a message below and let us know how it went!