6 Signs that your Baby is Teething

Posted by Melissa Robertson-Bye on

Teething is one of the hardest things that babies have to go through. From not being able to tell us what is wrong to the pain in their mouths. I am thankful that they can not remember this time. It’s also hard for parents. Without being able to communicate with your baby to know what is bothering them, how can we help. I remember Lilly would wake in the middle of the night screaming. We would try feeding her, changing her, undressing her (she was a hot temperature baby), rocking her and nothing would work. She would be miserable. And it seemed that she only ever did it at night. As time went on I would notice signs during the day or the day before these episodes that would warn me that she was about to teeth. Now signs are different for every baby but here are a few signs that Lilly showed.


1. More drooling - Yes babies can drool more than they usually do. I would find a couple days before she would be drool so much and it was a different consistency then her regular drool (it was more thick)


2. Diaper Rash - This is always a controversial sign. For Lilly she would get a super bad rash 2 days before, it would be gone the next day and then that night she would be miserable. It was the only time she really got a diaper rash.


3. Things in mouth - everything goes in their mouth. I found that she would try to bite anything and everything when she was teething, from our fingers, toys, books, and the crib. She would find something and it would be in her mouth.

Child with fingers in their mouth


4. Rubbing/Red face and ears - We found that leading up to teething Lilly’s ears would get red so would her jaw line, she would rub at both. Her ear would feel hot but they didn't seem to bother her. This happened more as she was getting her molars.


5. Irritable - This only happened at night. She wasn’t very irritable during the day but at night she was a totally different child.


6. Can see a tooth - sometimes you are lucky and can see the tooth under the gums. But don’t let that fool you. Teeth come up and go down, it’s a fun trick they play on you. 


Child with bottom 2 teeth smiling

Teething isn’t fun! It’s something that will happen. Your child will get 20 teeth in the first 2 and half years of their life. Some will hurt more and every child with teeth differently. 

What are some signs your littles showed when they were teething?