5 Ideas for March Break

Posted by Melissa Robertson-Bye on

This is our first March Break home with our Monster. Last year we headed south to Myrtle Beach but this year we are braving the cold and wet and hoping for the best. Jesse is taking the week off to spend at home and we are hoping that this list will help!

We have compiled a list of a few ideas to help keep the kids busy during March Break. These ideas are either free or low cost. We look forward to hearing from you on what you did for March Break! These can all be done at home or while people are practicing social distancing. Our library's are still currently open but not running programs at this time. 

Please comment with what you will be doing this break!

1 - Science Activities

All children love science experiments. They can be done with items found around the home. These are a few that we always loved when I worked in school age camps.

Colour changing flowers

Items required: White flowers, cups, water and food colouring. 

Directions: Add water to the cups and add a few drops of food colouring. Insert the flowers and leave for a few days. This is a great experiment where the children can track the flowers over the week to see the changes. They can sketch the flowers and watch them change.


Pick your favourite recipe and bake together. Talk about how the ingredients when mixed together changes the texture and again when baked. You can also incorporate math and reading with this activity.

Making Rain

Items required: clear cup, water, shaving cream and blue food colouring. 

Directions: Add water to a clear cup, add shaving cream on the top. Drop some blue food colouring. Watch the food colouring come through the shaving cream clouds.


This has always been a hit with the kids; our Monster loves to play in goop. All you need is cornstarch and water. Mix equal parts of both and watch the magic!


 Making playdough is so easy! Great to work on math skills. What creations can you make?

2 - Board Game Day

Having a line up of your children’s favourite games and maybe a new one can help pass the time. Take a break between each game for a snack or stretching. Have a contest to see who can win the most games. Card games are always fun to play as well. Go Fish, Crazy 8’s, War, etc. 

3 - Greenhouse Gage Park in Hamilton 

We love to pop over to the greenhouse. On cold days it is nice and tropical. Looking and learning about the plants is fun. We love to count and find the Turtles however we have only ever been able to find 4. Can you find 5 when you go?

4 - Waterfalls and Hikes

Sometimes March Break surprises us with some beautiful weather. Hiking trails are free and it’s great to get out in the almost spring air. Since we live in Hamilton we have endless waterfalls that we can visit. Check with your city or town to see if you have waterfalls, gardens, or special trails!

5 - Local Library

Check your local library for a week of free activities. Most have activities, crafts and movies compared to just books when I was a child.

Edit: Currently there is an advisory out ffor people to stay out of social situations with more than 250 people. Schools are cancelled for 2 weeks after March Break. I am leaving these 2 links but only so people in the future can get some ideas when this virus is over. 


Below are a few great websites that had some March Break ideas for Toronto  and Ontario. Tag us in your photos on Instagram or Facebook with the March Break fun you are having or when you try any of our activities!