Bubble Pop Fidgets Get the Job Done

Bubble pop fidgets have been around for a long time but are gaining popularity with children of all ages and even some adults who experience neurodiverse conditions such as ADHD, autism and anxiety. They find that the additional sensory stimulation provided by bubble pop fidgets can help relieve moments of stress and anxiety. Those with sensory processing disorders find bubble pop fidgets to be a calming and soothing activity that can be done anywhere, anytime. You can find a variety of bubble pop fidgets on our website in all kinds of shapes and colours. 

Pop Fidget Bracelets Stay Hidden Until You Need Them

The newest way to enjoy bubble popping fidgets is in the form of a pop fidget bracelet. Wear your pop fidget bracelet around all day and pop it when you need it for relief from anxious moments that happen throughout the day. Because the pop fidget bracelet is always on your wrist, it is where you need it when you need it. And when you don't need it, your pop fidget bracelet can hide under your shirt sleeves, out of sight. 

Chew Sticks for Your Habitual Chewers

Many children and even older kids and adults get satisfaction and self-soothing from chewing on something that provides resistance without breaking apart. Silicone chew sticks and chew tubes are often just the right size and texture to satisfy habitual chewers. Maybe you've noticed that your child chews the end of their pencils, or you have to repeatedly tell them to stop chewing on clothing or hair. A silicone chew stick offers a safe and easy alternative for their need to chew!

Lego Chewy Has the Right Texture

Some of our most popular chew items and anti-anxiety toys are shaped like Lego bricks. Our Lego chewy pencil toppers are just the right size and shape, and the familiar Lego brick nubs offer an additional texture that kids love to chew. Lego chewy necklaces, zipper pulls, and key chains are also very popular among our younger munching monsters! Our Lego chewy products come in a variety of colours and types to choose from. Check them out on our website!

These and Other Autism Anxiety Tools

Bubble boards, chewy toys and chewlery, as well as anti-anxiety fidget toys, fidget spinners, pop tubes, marble fidgets, and so many more, are all considered to be autism anxiety tools. Those with autism have difficulty with sensory processing. They often need additional sensory input from heavy work like chewing or squeezing. Autism anxiety tools that focus on textures and are bendable, squishy or make soft sounds are also helpful.

There is plenty of research to show that autism anxiety tools are able to help people with autism refocus their energy and filter out some of the external stimuli that may cause them to become anxious or uncomfortable. Even for children with other neurodiverse conditions, including ADHD, autism anxiety tools can help relieve them of the excess energy that hinders concentration and focus. Learn more about neurodiversity and anti-anxiety toys on our blog

Munching Monster Chewlery and More!

Munching monster Chewlery carries a wide variety of chewable jewellery, teething toys, baby teethers, and anxiety relief toys. Many kids don't grow out of their need to chew and do so to relieve anxiety and stress—whether they know it or not! Chewlery offers a safe and discreet way for older kids to satisfy their need for oral stimulation through chewing. Chewlery is made from food-grade silicone and won't break down, even standing up to the added pressure of older kids teeth and jaws. Check munchingmonsterchewlery.com for our complete collection of chewlery and shop by age group. Check back often as we add new chewlery pieces and other safe and effective fidget toys!